The German-American Hour
A Toledo radio tradition for over 70 years.
About the GAH

Our Hosts and Correspondents:

Host Jack D. Renz was born and raised in Toledo, OH. Since 2012, he and his team have worked together to bring their listeners great music, fun stories, interesting news, and delicious food and drink recipes. Jack is the Chairman of the German-American Festival (GAF), the largest ethnic festival in Northwest Ohio. He belongs to the Toledo Schwäbischer Unterstützungs Verein, the Toledo Holzhacker Buam (Bavarian dance group), and GBU District 510, a Fraternal organization of Toledo, all of which are part of the 7 Societies of the German-American Festival Society at Oak Shade Grove in Oregon, OH. He is the principal of Woodward High School in Toledo. His wife, Christina, helps take care of the behind-the-scenes work, as well as calling in with the German Word of the Week for the show. Together, they have two daughters, Annika and Arya.
Co-host Jeff Viertlbeck is the newest member of the German-American Hour, but he and host Jack have been best friends since birth. Jeff grew up in the Toledo German-American community as well and began dancing with the Bavarian Sports Club as a young man. Jeff is currently the President of the Toledo Schwäbischer Unterstützungs Verein, and he is also a member of GBU District 510 and Toledo Holzhacker Buam.

Co-host Vern Basilius is a long-time member of the German-American Community of Toledo. He has been to everyone of the 51 German-American Festivals and he has helped to run each of them. He belongs to the GBU, the Schwaben Verein, and the Toledo Turners. Vern was a member of the very popular Toledo band The Tirolers and he is now the bass player and lead man of his own band, Encore.
Special Correspondent Hans Otto is another figure of the Toledo German-American Community. Hans Otto is the President of Toledo Holzhacker Buam, and a lifelong member of both GBU District 510 and the Toledo Turners. He is Vice Chairman of the GAF and he runs the ever-popular Wein Bar. 

Assistant Special Correspondent Hans Bruno is a strong member of the Milwaukee, WI German-American Community. He is the lead singer for the Freistadt Alte Kameraden brass band of Freistadt, WI and a member of D'Lustig'n Wendlstoana (Bavarian dance group). He is also Frau Christina's father/Jack's father-in-law.