The German-American Hour
A Toledo radio tradition for over 70 years.
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The German- and Swiss-American Societies of Toledo:

The GAF (German-American Festival) and G.A.F. Society
Oak Shade Grove
3624 Seaman Rd.
Oregon, OH 43616

The Toledo Holzhacker Buam is a Bavarian dance and culture group. They perform traditional German and Austrian dances.  They can be seen performing at the GAF and all over the country.

The Greater Beneficial Union (GBU) is a Fraternal Benefit Society that is based in Pennsylvania. Toledo's local chapter is 510.

The Toledo Turners are the gymnastics club associated with the American Turners of Toledo, OH.

The Bavarian Sports Club of Toledo, OH.

The Bayrischer Unterstützungs Verein (BUV)Through the bonds of friendship and with the welfare of its members at heart, an important part of its mission is providing members with unparalleled insurance coverage.